Welcome to Misty Mountain Farm!

Sorry, our online shop is temporarily closed, but we'll be back online sometime in mid-2017! Look for us at our usual venues. Our first show of the season is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May, 2017.

Maremma Sheepdog Puppies For Sale - As of April, 2017!

Purebred (unregistered) Maremma Sheepdog pups -- male and female -- now available.

These dogs make excellent livestock guardians. While they look similar to Great Pyrenees, they are actually easier to train and are less likely to run off.

They bond easily with all types of farm animals -- from chicken and ducks to cows, horses, sheep, goats, and more. They're friendly to their human families but are also great all-around guard dogs, always on patrol to alert you of any unusual activity.

Originally from Italy, these dogs are becoming more and more popular as excellent all around farm dogs and livestock guardians within the United States.

Adult Male/Female Pair Also Available

Due to a pending move, we need to find homes for the mother and father of our latest litter. We'll be transitioning to a new lifestyle that requires us to travel frequently, so we need to find a loving home for these great dogs, Luke and Leia. They'll need to go together as a pair, so we're willing to consider any offers. They're both purebred and registered. Luke has been neutered, but Leia is in-tact.

Visit Us and Reserve/Take Home a Pup!

We are selling our pups at below-market prices because we had more puppies than expected and we need to find homes for them as soon as possible! You will not find a better deal on this breed.

Please call 540-937-4707 to schedule a visit to our farm or request more information.

$400/dog, male or female. A $100 deposit per puppy is required to reserve a pup.

We are located in Amissville, Virginia.


Luke, the father of the pups:

Luke, the father of the puppies

Another shot of Luke

Leia, one of the mothers:

Leia, one of the mothers

Puppies from a previous litter:

Puppies from a previous litter

Puppies from a previous litter

Puppies from a previous litter

Puppies from a previous litter